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This portal is catalyzed and supported by National Council for Science and Technology Communication, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

The aim of this portal is to sensitize students and their linked communities on addressing COVID-19 risks at all levels with help of public communication and outreach activities at large and to inculcate scientific temper for adopting sustainable healthy lifestyles, and nurturing scientific culture among masses and societies. Read More

Brain Buzz

This section is dedicated to engaging students in a dialogue on contemporary issues by interacting with their peers and experts.

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One of the reasons, this portal came into existence is to inculcate curiosity amongst students and engage them in creative forms of learning

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News and Articles

Students who love to read and stay updated must keep visiting this page where most recent resources will be posted on regular intervals. Stay updated!

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Winners of School Action Project

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The resources available in this section are developed as part of the programme- Promoting Science & Health Communication through Outreach and Capacity Building of School Students and Linked Communities; catalysed and supported by NCSTC, DST, GoI

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Video Glimpse of the Project

The video is developed as part of the project and aims to display the current state of affairs with regard to COVID-19 and the ways in which TERI plugged the gap of science and health communication for school fraternity. Through this film, the objectives are to reach out to the diverse target group to communicate the positive outcomes of the initiative and acknowledge the efforts of students to make the project a resounding success.