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Video Message Contest

Do you want to share your experiences during COVID 19 pandemic?

Participate in video message contest and submit 1- 2 minute video addressing any one of the following questions:

  • Share 5 words about your experience of online school classes.
  • Share 2 ideas on how you maintained your physical activity while staying inside your household.
  • Share top 3 innovative ideas on using water, sanitation, and hygiene indicators for COVID responsive behavior.
  • Share 1 approach that you have adopted to teach community members about COVID 19.
  • Talk about 2 practices you have carried out at home to conserve water while washing hands frequently during COVID-19.
  • Share 1 practice related to maintaining hygiene which you adopted as a part of your daily life during the pandemic.

The deadline to submit the entry is 10 September 2021

Submit your entry through the following link: