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Knowledge workshop II (Bengaluru)

Publication Date: 2021-12-17

Author(s): TERI


Knowledge workshops for students from Bengaluru was organized on 17 December, 2021 as a part of second series of workshop under the project ‘Promoting Science & Health Communication through Outreach and Capacity Building of School Students and Linked Communities’ (Catalyzed and supported by National Council for Science and Technology Communication, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India) which aspires to build the capacity of students, teachers and linked communities in science, health and personal behaviour. Dr Abhishek Royal, Medical Officer, COVID-19 Vaccination Center (Delhi), Doctors for You, Ms Vidhu Gupta, Associate Fellow, Environment & Waste Management, TERI, Ms Taru Mehta, Fellow, Environment Education & Awareness (EEA), TERI and Ms Monmi Barua, Associate Fellow, Environment Education & Awareness (EEA), TERI were amongst the eminent speakers. Those who missed attending the same can watch it online through the YouTube link given below. 


Publisher/Organisation: TERI


Keywords: COVID-19; Health; Science communication; SEHAT