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The power and relevance of yoga during a pandemic

Let us grab our mats and lift our spirits with yoga. We need the peace and calm that yoga brings into our lives

Publication Date: 2021-06-20

Author(s): Nishank, Ramesh Pokhriyal


Yoga, which originated in India and has been part of the Indian civilisation for millennia, has been a practice that aligns our mind, body and spirit, and enhances mental clarity. It is an effective tool to reduce stress and improve motor functions, which, in turn, helps keep various health problems at bay.

The pandemic has led to a substantial loss of human lives and has created unprecedented challenges for the public health system, not just in India, but across the world. The fear of this ever-mutating virus has kept many of us indoors. This forced confinement has increased the stress on our bodies and minds.

This public health crisis has brought to the fore the importance of strengthening our immune systems. For this, we need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Studies suggest that yoga contributes to improving the immune system since it is a combination of physical exercise, controlled breathing and mental concentration — all of which are known to have health benefits. Among the many yoga asanasshavasana and sasakasana reduce stress which, many practitioners believe, increases the efficiency of the immune system. Breathing techniques like pranayam improve the functioning of the respiratory system. Trikonasana improves blood circulation which benefits all our organs.


Country: India

Source: Hindustan Times

Keywords: COVID-19; Yoga