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#AYearThatWas – Inspiring Stories Of Children In 2020

Developing a COVID-19 detection application – LungAI

Publication Date: 2021-04-01

Author(s): Railway Children India


Aryan a 17-year-old student, studying in class 12, is the Winner of HRD ministry’s Atmanirbhar Bharat Ideathon. He developed a web-based application called LungAI which helps in detecting the Covid-19 virus as well as 16 other lung disorders in just three to five seconds. The acute spread of pandemic encouraged Aryan to come up with a solution and thus the LungAI was developed. The user has to upload a CT-Scan or an X-Ray on the application and it detects the lung disorders in less than 5 seconds with 90% accuracy. It also displays further information regarding the treatment in case of Covid-19 and the nearby hospitals treating the patients. LungAI is a combination of six machine learning detection models which gives the results of the various lung diseases. The most interesting part about this application is that Aryan never had a formal training in the field of machine learning and he trained himself and read up on the subject from various online resources. Currently, the government assisting Aryan in further development and is planning to implement this application on a national level. “The unhindered merging of technology with sustainable environment is what excites me” says Aryan.

Publisher/Organisation: Railway Children India


Country: India

Keywords: COVID-19; LungAI